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RM House | Lisbon | 2017

In a terrain where once there was a ruin, whose entrance was through a side porch, to give access to a courtyard, a new volume of two floors for swelling, recreates that once entrance gesture. The design of a small outdoor patio, anticipates the entrance of the house, that fills the limits of an irregular terrain.
In its interior, the spaces regularize the irregular perimeter of the terrain, in order to obtain perpendicular spaces to each other.
Stone elements surround the different windows of the dwelling, where the upper volume subtly touches punctual vertices of the walls that define the ground floor, composing the volume of white chromatic.

Information about the Project and site:

Localization | Private

Gross Area | 165 m2

Site Area | 177 m2

State | Project awaits approval from the Town Hall of Lisbon.


Project Year | 2017

Construction Year | 2018 – 2019

Owner | Private

Architecture and Coordination | Arch. Sérgio Miguel Godinho

Engineering Riscos & Rascunhos – Estudos e Projectos, lda

Topography |  Romeu Silva Pereira

3D Visualizations and Physical Model | Sérgio Miguel Godinho