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House in Magoito | Sintra | 2014


The building was designed to be inserted in the town of Tojeira, Sintra, getting very close to the Magoito beach.
Constructive homogeneity of this town, is not very different when faced with other clusters, urban or very little densified thru out the country, which appears as colonizing type, unknown, misguided and rootless, given the wealth and circumstance of popular Portuguese architecture.
A plot surrounded by type of constructions, which could be called the “Portuguese house” – of pretentious and formulaic building – this house is unique for its sober and contemporary lines of debugged design, looking intentionality and justification, in the form of implementation.
The theme and premise of the project is introversion, focusing this statement, a confluent zone to all areas – the outdoor recreation area with pool.
The house develops a morphology, which makes changes and rotations at strategic points, segregating the various programmatic experiences of home – living / sleeping / cooking – in different volumes. A kind of ‘L’ shape where its main intention is to involve the outer leisure área.

An apparent volume of concrete, marked by stereotomy of fossilized wood in concrete, it is stated as the exception piece of the architectural environment, housing an area of ​​work that requires isolation, simultaneously set the high ceilings in the living room area.
A piece of exposed concrete outside when inside is a white box that reflects light.

At night, the interior exudes a white light revealing the contours of a suspended enigmatic piece.

Building information:
Address: Favaqueira Street, Tojeira, Sintra
Implantation area of ​​construction: 240 m2

Architecture: Sérgio Miguel Godinho, Arch