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FG30 House | Loulé | 2019

The dwelling developed in two floors, creates an offset of the volumes defining a wide and covered zone outside for leisure with shadow, imposed by the volume of the 1st floor , on the South elevation .
It is an attempt of the idea of ​​the project, that the social floor is widely open to the exterior in the southern elevation, by means of sliding Windows and projecting steel doors to the exterior, where the experiences of the kitchen and the living room are mixed.
On the other hand, a contrast is created by the opacity in the North elevation.
The suspended ladder leading to the 1st floor for the sleeping spaces, is intended to be a prominent element in the dwelling, being on a service corridor on floor 0, connecting all spaces on this level.
The 1st floor are 3 bedrooms, where two of these live in communion with a generous pátio outside, and a suite bedroom, with the possibility of opening to an extensive balcony to the West.

Information about the Site and Construction:

Localization : José Batalim Street, 30, Loulé, Algarve

Implantation area: 125 m2

Gross building area: 249 m2

Area of the Site: 554 m2

State: Builted


Project: 2017

Construction Site: 2017 – 2018

Owner: Private

Architecture and Coordination: Arch. Sérgio Miguel Godinho

Engineering: Eng. Licínio Ferreira, Eng.  Luís Filipe Oliveira Antunes

Topography: Tiago Pereira

Models, Photos or 3D visualizations: Sérgio Miguel Godinho