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Semedo House | Odivelas | 2017

A white chromatic volume, with a floor below the ground and two floors above, takes advantage of the solar orientation of the land, housing a social room and kitchen that simultaneously share the same space on the story 0. These social areas maintain a pleasant connection with a playground for future activities, under a porch formed by the suspended volume of 1st floor.
The presence of a lantern in the ceiling of the social zone, in order to capture light to an area with weak luminosity, rises up to the house roof, until defining the limits of an exiguous skylight, compressing the space of this tunnel, to the top.
The lantern organizes all the spaces of the habitation.
The housing volume is also characterized by the extrusion of bodies, to give way to small balconies that make homogeneous and cohesive the design of the house, identifying only the sleeping spaces with sliding doors.

Information about the Site and Construction:

Localization : Sol Nascente Street, Lt 234, Famões, Odivelas

Implantation area: 125 m2

Gross building area: 250 m2

Area of the Site: 312 m2

State: Under construction.


Project: 2017

Construction Site: 2018 – 2019

Owner: Private

Architecture and Coordination: Arch. Sérgio Miguel Godinho

Engineering: Eng. Licínio Ferreira, Eng.  Luís Filipe Oliveira Antunes

Topography: Renato Soares, Topographer-Geometer

Models: Sérgio Miguel Godinho

Fiscalization and Security  Director | Engº Pedro Miguel Especial

Construction Company | Armando & Simões-Construções Civis e Obras Públicas, Lda

Worksite Director | Engº Sérgio Filipe Simões