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House in Montijo | 2015


The intervention was defined by the total demolition of the interior elements for its precarious conditions, as well as adulteration who suffered over time, not being favorable for adequate ventilation, thermal gains and lighting, jeopardizing the health of the users and security of the building.
We intended to return the building, that is assumed centennial, to the Sacadura Cabral Street , while respecting the architectural elements that compose the building, maintaining the aura of a building of the beginning of the XX century.
The proposal gives a volume, renewed, inclusive and identity of the place where it belongs, keeping the height of the building, but proposing the demolition of illegal attachments and volumes that engaged abnormally to the original house.
The new coated volume in white color with zinc roof, will therefore be part of the street that connects the center of Montijo, in a renovated contemporary piece.

Building and Site Information 
Address | Sacadura Cabral street, 21 to 23, Montijo
Implementation of the Construction area | 76m2
Gross building área | 152 m2
Land area | 91 m2

State | Approved Project from Montijo City Council.


Client | Private
Project Year | 2015-2016

Construction Year | 2016-2017
Architecture and Coordination | Sergio Miguel Godinho, Arch
Engineering | Licinio Ferreira, Engineer | Luís Filipe Oliveira Antunes, Engineer
Topography | André Ventura, Geometer
Photography | Sérgio Miguel Godinho