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2nd May Square | Portugal | 2015


The proposal for the 2nd of May Square , in Viseu, Portugal, whose main idea was to return to the square, similarities to a not too distant past, under a longitudinal reading intervention, following parallel buildings, designing and enclose the square.

It was proposed a reconfiguration of the design of the original roofs that were later demolished in the lower platform. Starting from original design of the separated roofs that once where, this proposal they are revealed aggregates, resulting in a single structure.

The gesture does not fade, the memory that the locals have what once was of the municipal market, making the new cover an iconic element in the city with similarities to the past.

The rigid and inflexible mesh punctuated by trees present in the lower platform, proposed by the architect Siza Vieira, demand a rigid configuration coverage, based on system of pillars and girders, defining with these elements, a structural grid that involves all the trees, but where at certain points, the arboreal elements are not covered, allowing the light direct focus, and also improving the air circulation under the cover.