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MM House | Odivelas | 2019


Located in a neighborhood characterized by illegal buildings, a house is defined with its outer oblique borders, thus designing the different spans of the two-storey dwelling with accessible roof, so as to contemplate the view.
The two stories of the house, are evidenced in the different elevations, through parallel planes that mark those floors.
Various shadows draws the obliquity of the different quadrants of the white chromatic volume.

Information about the Site and Construction

Adress | Rua Padre António Vieira, Lt 539, Bairro dos Quatro, Famões, Odivelas

Implantation area | 90 m2

Gross building area | 180 m2

Area of the Site | 212 m2

State | Builted


Project | 2016-2017

Construction | 2017-2018

Owner | Private

Architecture and Coordination | Arch. Sérgio Miguel Godinho

Engineering | Eng. Licínio Ferreira, Eng. Técnico Luís Filipe Oliveira Antunes

Topography | Luís Guilherme Rocha, Topographer-Geometer

Model and Renders | Sérgio Miguel Godinho

Construction Company | Armando & Simões-Construções Civis e Obras Públicas, Lda

Worksite Director| Arch. Orlando Gonçalo Andrade

Photography | Ivo Tavares Studio – Fotografia de Arquitetura